We put Your ideas into live, both onto paper and any other electronic devices. Our young team of enthusiasts supported by modern technology and machinery realize every order. We have an experience in processing and printing all kind materials for companies confirmed by references. For over 10 years we design and provide our polish and foreign customers with: folders, leaflets, posters, catalogs, brochures, stickers, promotional bags, business cards and envelopes. All printed products in style and ultimate look.


Choosing the right technology is key to success – that’s why Printing technology, materials and components are always well adjusted to a specific printing work. Offset Printing technology is preferred method for printing materials providing lower per unit cost for large orders. Thanks to a digital printing method we can also print small series of prints even one sheet of paper.

Why choose PESTCA

Fresh ideas and professional advising – we started with passion for printing, combined with power of visual communication. Impossible doesn't exist on PESTCA. We go through hoops and always keep our terms ‐ we know that for our customers, time is money. Quality is our priority ‐ because we want to continuously offer only the highest quality products we provide assistance to customers from a layout’s creation to a final printing. Imagine the unimaginable and we will print it.

PESTCA Team look forward to hearing from you soon.